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What is SImplync?

SimpLync is a plugin for Skype and or Lync allowing you to use Microsoft UC Environment integrated with SIP PBX.

Is this Compatible with Microsoft 365 OnLine Services?

Yes. SimpLync can work with in-house installs or with cloud services as Microsoft 365 Online Services.

Exactly. Your Lync client can register directly to any SIP PBX, working as a normal sofpthone.
Although Microsoft Lync Servers can interact with PBX using specific gateways and additional servers, that configuration is not always the best solution. The installation is complex, and requires important architecture changes and knowledge. While that install may be the key for large and complex installs, is not practical for small installations, or when you need to implement the features to a subset of users. More important, Enterprise Voice does not work currently on Microsoft Online Services, so if you are cloud based, a plugin for lync is your only option available. Additionally, you are limited to basic voice/video features, while SimpLync adds also powerful call center features.
Of course you can!. We have several customers that already have an Enterprise Voice architecture on place, but they still need to provide that architecture with advanced Call Center Features. On this case, we may still combine both options, using your current voice installation, and our specific call center add-on for Lync.
No. This is an important cost saving. You do not need to pay for specific cost of Microsoft associated to Enterprise Voice. That means you can deploy a lower cost system with all the advantages and functionalities associated to Enterprise Voice.
Yes, in fact 3CX is a very good option if you want to have a complete system based entirely on Windows, allowing an easy administration. We even support Remote Call Procedure and Advanced Functionalities on 3CX.
Is not clear enough yet? YES, we are compatible with ANY STANDARD SIP VOIP PBX. That includes any commercial PBX (Cisco, Avaya, Alcatel...) as long as they have SIP enabled, so you can use your current infrastructure.
Yes, in fact, we support all Asterisk flavors: Elastix, FreePBX, AsteriskNow... We love Asterisk and are aware on how to get the most of it!
SimpLyncs add a URL launcher, that can be used on incoming calls to show information of your CRM (ie, SugarCRM), or BackOffice. Additionaly, it has a powerful scripting language, with a visual editor, that can do more advanced operations, as update databases or control your own programs.
Yes, it does. SimpLync gives you the possibility to access a broad range of Call Center tools, including advanced solutions from QueueMetrics / Wombat Dialer, enabling call center options on the Lync interface. That way, we are able to offer a great unified experience for your agents, with all the features available on complex large centers, at a fraction of the cost of other native call center solutions for lync.
Umm... Our solution is "Open" enough to work in environments where Lync is not used. You do not have the powerful UC features of such environment, but you will still have a lot of options on the Call Center area.... take a look of our Asterisk Connect Desktop and our Open Call Center suite.
Although our developers love their job, they also have the rare need to eat, so we are forced to price our product and services. We do not want this to be something that avoids deployment, so our product have a very competitive price, affordable for all kind of business, flexible enough to accommodate your needs. If you are a Government or Educational organization, price has a 50% discount.


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